A three dimensional approach to skincare. 
Topical. Nutrition. Mindset.




Our face says so much about us without even saying a word. We are here to have your skin tell the world you're healthy and beautiful, regardless of appearance...



Relaxation and grooming needs are all fulfilled here to the highest standard. Whether you need a massage or some 'deforestation down under' we got you...



With the highest grade organic make up available on the market, its also vegan and cruelty free. Let's treat our make up as an extension of skincare...


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“ I always love my visits to Seabeauty. Michelle and her team are the perfect blend of fun, friendly and professional. I always walk out feeling nurtured and uplifted.” - Simone


Relax and unwind while our highly trained skin technicians

take care of you and your skin with our facial treatments.


Skin, Nutrition + Lifestyle Consultation | 30 min | $40

An in depth analysis of your concerns and the needs of the skin itself. Perfect to understand your skin and know which facial treatment and products will best suit you

Microdermabrasion | $125
Express Microdermabrasion | $88

Mechanical exfoliation to eliminate fine lines, pigmentation, scarring and refine enlarged pores. Whilst also using lymphatic drainage to detoxify and freshen the skin

Age Reversal 5 Layer Peel | $200

A brand new procedure that can combine all our peels in a specialised sequence to reveal new, fresh skin almost immediately. No down time or discomfort, aftercare is imperative as the skin needs to be nourished afterwards for best results. Receive 6 free homecare products when you purchase a course.

Gly C Refine & Radiance | $125

Smooth the contours of the face & prevent premature ageing with Anti-Oxidants, improve skin elasticity, repair sensitivity and restore strength

Clearskin | $125

Teenage hormones can cause much inflammatory outbreak. This treatment will sooth and clean without stripping the skin to keep it healthy and clear

Hydrating | $125

A multi-level hydration treatment rich in Hyaluronic acid, peptides & collagen. Restores the proper water reserves & nourishment in the skin tissue giving the skin a healthier more youthful complexion

Revive Express | $75    (30min)

Customised facial to suit all skin types and a great way to introduce you to our skin care range for a quick fix


Dermalux Light Therapy |20min | $130

                                         | $70 add on

Membership - unlimited sessions
First Month Introductory | $299
Ongoing Monthly | $375

The 'face-lift without surgery' using specialised LED light wavelengths. A completely non-invasive, pain free treatment to resolve a range of conditions including acne, rosacea, ageing, pigmentation, sun damage and dehydration. This treatment will leave your skin looking totally rejuvenated and glowing

Firming Lift | $125

Potent actives come together to redefine, lift and firm all skins concerned with slackening. This unique blend of peptides and plant extracts ensures that your skin is left feeling toned, taut and terrific

Pigmentation | $125

Sun damage and hormones are the talk of the town. Whether you already have pigmentation or are looking to prevent/maintain your skins pigmentation, this facial has tyrosinase (skin colour) inhibitors to gently deactivate and breakdown your uneven skin tone

Rebalancing | $125

Adult acne is becoming more and more of a problem with hormone imbalances and daily stress higher than ever. Deep cleansing treatment to extract impurities and clear your complexion & to intensify the hydration levels in the skin and bring the skin back to balance

Calming / Sensitive | $125

A fragrance free soothing treatment that gives immediate comfort to a sensitive, reactive skin. It also restores and strengthens the skin using ingredients that mimic the skins natural defence system. Perfect for Roseacea

Anti Ageing | $125

Fighting all signs of ageing, this facial works on correcting any damage to skin cells. It will help reduce fine lines, improve radiance, refine pores and increase smoothness to the skin



Facial Treatment Upgrades


Peels | $120  | Add On $70



Refine and nourish your skin simultaneously with targeted ingredients for your concerns and individual skin condition. SPF is compulsory for peel treatments and courses.

High Frequency | $40

Antibacterial O2 is produced when the 'wand' is in contact with the skin which is great for post extractions and the treating of stubborn acne. It also helps shrink enlarged pores, decongests puffiness and assists with fine lines and wrinkles through this specialised treatment


Eye Treatments | $40

Collagen Infusion: Silicone gel pads to plump and hydrate

Firming Lift Peptide: Biomimetic complex for fine lines and puffiness

Galvanic | $40

Deep infusion of serums and masks for enhanced results using electronic frequency.

Extractions | $40

Gentle, safe and effective removal of blackheads, pimples and milia (trapped oil under the skin forming a small white bump)


Brows and Lashes


Brow Mapping and Sculpt | $30

Professional mapping and style consultation to suit your face, using specialised hot wax that's gentle yet gives the perfect shape.

Henna Brow Colour + Mapping | $45

Use natural Henna to colour the hair and skin on your brows for up to 2 weeks! This is the hottest brow trend right now.

Lash Lift | $80       with Tint | $90

Lash Lift with Trifecta | $120

The ultimate mini makeover! Get your lashes lifted, tinted, as well as your brows tinted and sculpted. Instant, beautiful results!


Eyebrow Maintenance | $20

For return guests only, within 6 weeks of previous appointment.

The Trifecta! | $45

Lash tint, brow tint and brow sculpted to perfection.

Henna Trifecta | $70

Lash Tint, Henna Brow colour and Brow sculpting.

Eyelash Tint | $20

Eyebrow Tint | $17


Make Up

Bridal / Bridal Party | $POA

Get the globes highest organic grade make up for your big day! We will do a great package, just call to book in yourself and your glamtribe

Bridal / Bridal Party Trial | $POA

Let's make sure we're all happy and prepared with your look and troubleshoot any hiccups to make your big day run smooooth.

Formal / Special Occasion | $65

Look and feel beautiful at your special event!

Make Up Tutorial | $65

Learn how to do your own make up for special occasions or specific skin types such as oily or mature skins.

Colour Match + Daywear | $40

Find your colour matches for skin, eyes and lips and get a lovely day look as well!

Our make up does not include false lashes, we recommend you BYO or prepare with Eyenvy Lash Growth Serum or we also have Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash temporary extensions!




Swedish Massage

Relaxing 'flow' style of massage that stimulates the circulation and lymphatic systems, soothes tired muscles and also includes our signature hot towel ritual so you don't leave feeling oily!

90minutes | $140

60minutes | $99

30minutes | $65

Firming Lift Bust Treatment | $110     Add on | $80

A specialised formulation just for the bust and décolletage area with the same actives as the facial, just targeted to this often neglected area.


Full Body Polish | $65

Perfect to have before a massage

Half Body Polish | $35

Great to target areas like the legs between waxing/laser sessions or hard to reach places like the back

'Backne' Cleansing Treatment | $95

A facial treatment for your back to clear breakouts and leave skin revitalised and smooth. Inlcudes steam and extractions with a clay mask for purifying.





Lip + Chin | $17

Sides of Face | $18     +Chin | $25

Underarms | $15

Half Arms | $25

Full Arms | $30

Brazilian - From | $50

G-String Bikini | $35

Bikini | $25

Full Legs | $55

Upper Legs | $38

Lower Legs | $30



Nose/Ears each | $10

Cheeks/Beardline | $15

Hair Tidy (3 of the above areas and eyebrows if needed) | $40

Shoulders | $20

Full Back | $45 (includes shoulders)

Full Chest | $45

Full Arms | $35

Buttocks | $25

Brazilian (from) | $70

Full Legs | $60


Hands and Feet

All equipment is professionally sterilised and our therapists are Diploma Qualified.


Manicure | $45

Buff and Polish Hands | $28

Add Gel Polish | $15

Gel Off + Reapply Hands | $45

Gel Removal | $15


Pedicure | $68

Buff and Polish Toes | $35

Add Paraffin | $15

Gel Off + Reapply Toes | $55

iBx Protein Strength Nail Treatment | $45

A highly advanced repair treatment for nails that have been damaged, or to maintain healthy frequent Gel Polish nails. Gel and normal polish can be applied straight over the top!